Sergey Tatulyan - The Creator

From a very young age, Sergey, the creator of the TATULYAN brand, liked to redesign clothes and style his family members. His interest in fashion led Sergey to enter the fashion school at Mod'Art International Paris.

Later he got into the world of luxury magazines such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. He collaborated with them for several years as an assistant stylist, and later as main stylist.

Selecting clothes for shootings, he noticed that the collections presented in most brands are either too simple or too bizarre. As it was time consuming and difficult to find simple but chic pieces for shootings, he started to think of an idea to create his own clothing brand with his vision of modern wardrobe base.

TATULYAN is a mix of non-conformist chic and classics. Sergey developed his own formula, where the basic wardrobe is a frame that shows the personality, but does not simplify it. He is certain that the wardrobe is a reflection of a personality and should not conflict with the way of life and views.



Brand Philosophy

Enjoy life while staying true to yourself

TATULYAN creates clothes that attract people with no fashion taboo and stay true to their style. Through our clothes, we do not dictate how you need to look, but guide and help you to find your own style.

Styling is a very important part of the brand's DNA. TATULYAN clothes are about acceptance and freedom, which is ideal base to find yours.TATULYAN people enjoys life by being free, bold and creative.